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Opinion about the best, most popular open source cms in the world. We give you solutions how to use those applications.

Manage your website

  • Drupal - modular design
  • Joomla - simple websites
  • CMS Made Simple - for small and medium sized websites
  • MODx - helps to take control of your online content
  • TYPOlight - powerful web content management system
  • dotCMS - integrates the best features of content management
  • e107 - dynamic and professional website
  • WordPress - blog tool and weblog platform
  • .net - open .net systems

CMS Made Simple 1.8

The majority of introduced enhancements concern mostly programmers, who now will be able to create websites quickly and efficiently.

Drupal 6.17

The most important changes are as follows: improvement in session cookie handling, better processing of big XML-RPC payloads, compatibility with PostgreSQL, PHP 5.3, PHP 4, CSS and JS, also improved login for login failures.

Joomla 1.5.18

Due to a serious security bug, new edition of Joomla has been released.

CMS Made Simple 1.7.1

The most significant fixes introduced in CMS Made Simple 1.7.1 is better support for SSL. Now it's possible to tick which page is to start in HTTPS.

Joomla 1.5.16 slip and 1.5.17 release

On the 23 April Joomla 1.5.16 was released. It had some serious security bugs. The first was connected with supporting PHP versions earlier than 5.2. The second one concerned Session Hangler parameter set to None in Global Configuration.